You KNOW you're meant to create,
but you can't seem to get out of your own way and do it.
Maybe you’ve got a creative idea (or a gazillion) but you can’t get started, or

You’re surrounded with unfinished projects because you can’t stay focused, or

You’re so busy, you’re not making time for creativity, fun, & Spirit
We can help you with that.


If you're reading this page, chances are HIGH that..
You’re unclear on what to create.
You have so many ideas. You're worried, What if I choose the wrong one? so you don’t choose anything.

You've got Shiny Object Syndrome.
You start something and then are off to the next new idea and next and next… And never finish anything.

You’ve lost your fun, creative side,
Focusing on work, taking care of others, running your business…
You’ve put you, your creativity, and relationship with Spirit at the bottom of your list.

That doesn't feel good.
What you need is help to get you creating (instead of just thinking about it)
And if that’s what you’re thinking, we’ve got ya covered.
Because that is exactly what we do.
My name is Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, Founder of Woman Unleashed. We’ve served over 100,000 women through our online and in person retreats to (re)awaken their creativity, live the creative life, and do their sacred creative work.

Here we are...
seriously though,
does this sound familiar?
When it comes to creating, you’re:

STUCK at the beginning with an idea (and not much else).

OVERWHELMED by trying to do it ALL… and getting burned out.

UNCLEAR on which idea to choose (what if it’s the wrong one and you waste time?)

SPINNING YOUR WHEELS. You get started then life shows up and you put your creativity on hold… AGAIN. It doesn’t seem as important as everything else so you can’t get momentum.

Here’s the thing...
You were made to create.
Maybe you have a creative calling to...
Write a book,
Paint a series of paintings,
Make an oracle deck,
Put together an online program,
Make sculptures,
Or knit sweaters,
Or make an album,
Or _________ (fill in the blank) OR

Creativity is your church.
hen you’re in creative flow, you connect to Divine.
It’s your sacred work OR

When you create, you feel wildly happy.
Things feel right in the world.
You find peace.
Amber is brilliant at helping women unlock their sacred flow so they can get their creative projects done, release the barriers to self expression, fully step into their purpose and feel alive again!

Wendy Collier, Founder of SoulFUEL®
You Want to create because you
Realize creating is essential to your HAPPINESS. 

Know being in creative flow leads to more guidance & INTUITION

Want to use your creative gifts to make MONEY and IMPACT lives.

Believe creativity will help you have more FUN in (and out of) your work.

Don’t want to spend any more time waiting. You’ve been doing that already.

Or maybe you want to hang out with a group of creative, spiritual, wild, women like us.
If any of the above sound like you, keep reading...

We've got a (creative) solution for you
It will help you:

  1. Get CLEAR which idea to follow

  2. CREATE daily, even when you get overwhelmed or distracted

  3. Focus and FINISH what you start

  4. And have FUN doing it
I've self published 2 books. -Lucy Claire Curran
That looks like:

MORE HAPPINESS because when you’re doing what you love, happiness follows.

MORE CONNECTION with Spirit, your intuition and guidance as you open to flow.

MORE TIME doing what you love instead of just thinking about it.

MORE MOMENTUM and less time spinning your wheels because you’ve got support from those who have been there, done that already and who have the map.

MORE CONFIDENCE as you share your work in our safe, loving community. As your confidence grows, you’ll make...

MORE MONEY because you're sharing your creative work instead of keeping it secret.

MORE IMPACT because people see your art, read your book, come to your workshop, take your program which leads to...

MORE FULFILLMENT as you complete something that you're proud & passionate about.


Amber takes our hand and walks us across the bridge back to sanity, peace and creativity.

Anahita Joon, Founder of Beauty Unleashed

I've sold more pottery than I ever have in my life. - Elizabeth Foley

Get inspired and creating. Imagine a weekend or 5-day experience painting, creating oracle cards, writing, going on a creative pilgrimage...

Value $2,400

Learn how to get in flow, make creativity a part of your life, and create when you’re stuck. Get support, coaching and mentorship.

Value $2,400

Every week we create together. Bring your creative project, things you want to finish up, get started, or something you’ve been avoiding.

Value $1,200

This is a safe space where we get to be brave, share our work in progress, celebrate and get support when we're not creating.

Value $1,200
Led by Woman Unleashed Leaders small groups are great for accountability and connecting with creative soul sisters, especially powerful if you’re shy.

Value $1,600
You're the first one invited to retreats, our Leadership program and 1:1 coaching. Receive INNER O only discounts and tickets to events.

Value $1,200
Total Value $10,000
Think about this... Just spending the money to go to an in person creative retreat in Hawaii with flight, accomodation, meals, rental car would cost well over $2,500. But with INNER CIRCLE, you get 8 retreats a year AND ongoing support.

In other words, you have everything you need to create AND...
MORE TIME for what you love...

MORE ENERGY because you’re no longer trying to do it all...

MORE CREATIVITY no matter what life throws at you.

I created a panel painting as large as a whole wall. -

8 creativity retreats
Weekly teachings
Weekly creative dates
Private online circle,
Small groups and
VIP perks

Total value $10,000.
Doors are Closed
We offer a 14-day worry free guarantee. If, within the first 14 days, you decide INNER CIRCLE isn’t for you, we’ll refund your money and bless you on your way. Our guess though, is you’ll join and decide you never want to leave. No risk.
Once you register for INNER CIRCLE CREATIVE SANCTUARY, you’ll be invited to fill out our intake form so we can get to know you personally and what you’re focusing on.

You’ll get access to our New Sister Training where you’ll learn how INNER CIRCLE works, schedule sessions in your calendar, access training as well as get an invitation to our Members Only Group.

You'll begin with our first creativity retreat: LIBERATION. During that retreat we’ll see where you are now, where you want to go and create a 90-day focused plan in order for you to start AND finish your creative projects.

Our Creative Vision is to Help you live yours

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, the reigning goddess of sublime creative expression, shows you how to connect to the wonder, magic, and life-transforming energy that’s already inside of you.

Cynthia Occelli, 
Author of Resurrecting Venus

And just in case we haven't met yet...
Aloha! I’m Amber. I live in Kona, Hawai’i with my husband and 2 boys. I enjoy writing fiction, dancing hula, painting, ritual and swimming with dolphins.

I love all things creative but it didn’t used to be that way.

In grade school I was told I wasn’t creative so I shelved my love for art and writing and got practical...
I graduated with my degrees and managed a 7 figure business. As a stay-at-home mom, I woke up one day wondering where my joy went. I decided to start doing what I loved.

Writing and painting.

Within 3 years, I had sold tens of thousands of dollars of award-winning artwork, started 3 businesses, brought our company online and supported thousands of women to (re)awaken their creativity.

During that time, I found I’d swing between being highly PRODUCTIVE, driven and focused, missing my joy and overworking to being highly CREATIVE, in my joy and flow but not getting what I wanted done. I was in a productive swing overworking and pushing and…

I got sick… like 3 days in the hospital with pneumonia, lucky to be alive sick.

When my 9 year old son came to visit me at the hospital, he started crying. He was so scared. Here I was in the hospital bed with oxygen tubes to help me breathe, an IV to give me my medicine. I opened my arms and he crawled onto my lap. As I held him crying, I remembered visiting my own mother at the hospital and how scared I was as a child.

Only my mom didn’t make it.

In that moment I decided,
NO. This isn't worth it.
There HAS to be another way.
I started my own experiment where I looked at how to get stuff done AND be creative, to balance my productive, focused Doing with my creative, intuitive Knowing.

And I noticed I wasn’t the only one struggling to find this balance. There were creative women needing clarity, focus and a plan and driven women who needed creativity, flow, and fun.


We took everything I learned in my personal experiment, 25 years of business experience, 10 years of creative practice, and turned it into a program to help you live your creative life and do your creative work.

This program is about getting you to create.

In INNER CIRCLE we teach you the same method I’ve used to write my book, become an international award winning artist, start a business, create workshops, retreats…

The same steps I’m using today to
Write my fiction novel,
Plant 100,000 trees with TreeSisters,
Grow our company to reach 1 million women.

What are you ready to create?
Ready to find out?
When Amber coaches creativity, she’s truly coaching us to craft from ourselves the women we long to be.

Renee Tillotson, Founder of the Still & Moving Center

Marsha Mees certified as a Yoga Nidra Instructor & did 100 days of art for the 100 day project
Mandy Berryman created a She Shed, started angel reiki, and finished her Color of Woman Training.
Lorna Kepes wrote and published a book- Recipes for a Delectable Life and has 2 more in progress!
Jana Steyn created a list- 30 things to do be before turning 3o & just finished her Creative Spirit painting 
Mary Lee Eischen 100 days of posting and creating art, poetry, writing, teaching and dance
Beth Richardson created a Labyrinth and since joining Inner Circle, has done 660 creative dates.
Still not quite sure? FAQs
What if I don’t know what to create? Will INNER CIRCLE help me with that?
Yes. During our first retreat, we’ll help you choose a creative project. Do you need help narrowing your focus down? Do you have no idea? We’ll get you started and have creative coaches to help you finalize a plan that feels right for you.

I’m a __________ (insert occupation/creative modality here). Will INNER CIRCLE help me?
We can help you with anything that’s in your brain that wants to come out...

We’ve helped women start painting/drawing/art journaling, begin writing, publish a blog/website, start singing/dancing, publish a book or poetry, get gallery representation, teach a workshop, start an art businesses, bring creativity into their business, dedicated themselves to creative self care, sell artwork and/or products, start creative coaching, create woman’s circles, create an online class/program, find and discover life purpose, have a daily Creative Spiritual practice, create online trainings and talks...

We’ve helped professionals, writers, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, dance and yoga instructors, creativity coaches, spiritual guides, quilters, knitters, jewelers, energy workers, business coaches, hair stylists...

What days/times do you meet?
We meet Wednesdays and Fridays at noon PT. Our creativity retreats meet at different times throughout the year. Small groups meet at a variety of times. You can choose which time works best for you.

What if I can’t make it live?
If you're unable to meet live time, we have the recording available to watch on the same day. We record everything because, well... life. You can access all recordings in our INNER CIRCLE Studio (online members site).

Will I really do this?
I don't know. Will you?

Learning online requires some self discipline, but we've made INNER CIRCLE live to help you show up. We have coaches to help you every step of the way.

We also have an Intake when you first join so our coaches can get to know you, small sister groups to get connected, and coaches to check in on you. In INNER CIRCLE you're not signing up for a course, you're joining a sisterhood.

That being said, if you're worried, we offer a 14 day worry free guarantee. If within 14 days you decide INNER CIRCLE isn't for you, we'll refund your purchase.

Do I really have time to take this on?
I'd actually flip that around. Do you have time to wish and hope you get your creativity out there? How much time are you spending trying to figure it out on your own or weighing the options back and forth?

Each week we meet for 2 hours. Once every 5-7 weeks we meet for a creativity retreat. Those might be a 2 day experience (6 hours per day) or might be 5 hours sprinkled over 5 days like Creativity UNLEASHED Daily.

How much time have you spent

Instead of thinking of creativity taking time, think of the time you’ll get back. Studies show creatives get more done when they know how to rest and play. And you are guaranteed to be creating every single week! Woohooo!

So tempting, but... finances.
If this one's still holding you back after everything I've shared above, we're looking at 2 possibilities:

1. You can't put your finger on why, but it's not the right fit. If the energy is off, it's easy to think it is imaginary money stuff.
SOLUTION: Go with your gut. No worries here. INNER CIRCLE is a happy place and we want people in circle who genuinely want to be there too.

2. You KNOW you want in but you legitimately don't have the funds right now.
SOLUTION: Decide if it feels right to take the leap (+ trust you'll earn the money back) OR rest easy knowing I'm not going anywhere, and neither is INNER CIRCLE.

Okay. I’m 95% a YES. What else?
  1. You will save HOURS (weeks? months?) of frustration and overwhelm by no longer trying to figure out what to do (and how to do it) on your own.
  2. Fact. People who make creativity a part of their lives are happier. Happiness is awesome.
  3. Getting super CLEAR on what you want to create and knowing the steps to do it will give you CONFIDENCE that translates to an inner trust that things are going to be okay. Inner peace. Yum.
  4. This program is simplified and systemized. This won't be more things on your TO DO List. This is about you finally creating.
  5. You know our teaching style by now. If you like our stuff, you’ll love this.
  6. Besides my 2-3 private mentorship clients a year, this is THE way to get coaching and support.
  7. Each month based on how much you create, we donate a portion of your investment to planting trees through our non-profit TreeSisters.

Still unsure?
Just email us at and ask us.

We are gathering...
Creatives, artists, makers, dreamers, visionaries.
Creative medicine women, priestesses, healers, lightworkers.

You are a creative channel.
Divine moves through your creations.
Holding the finished manuscript of your book in your hands,

Cashing a check for the sale of your painting,

Having fun launching a program instead of hustling,

Finishing the online art class you bought,

Making creativity a part of your life, just like breathing.

Feeling lit up, inspired and passionate.

It’s time to live your sacred, creative, unleashed life.