You Have a Unique Creative Energy
You were MADE to Create.
And when you're not doing that,
Something feels off.

Maybe you're NOT writing the book you've wanted to write your whole life,
You're CENSORING yourself around your family, or
 Feel UNABLE to share your ideas at work.

Maybe you're NOT painting, art journaling, singing, dancing, making pottery, music, crocheting, quilting, doing photography, creating the program, putting together the workshop, or writing the book
EVEN THOUGH it makes you feel alive.

When you're NOT plugged into your creative energy, you will feel tired, overwhelmed, worried, uninspired, disconnected, judgemental or apathetic.

These are all symptoms of disconnection from our Creative Source.
It's Time to Plug Back In
"My creative fire is lit.
I have finished 6 paintings since the retreat."
- Susan

Would you like to create but you've been so busy, you haven't made time for it?

Could you use a break to slow down and reconnect with your Spirit?

Honestly, with everything going on, would you like to just do something fun?
 We can help with that.
You're Invited To...


MARCH 24-26

An at home retreat where we'll
Unleash your creative power,
Paint a Creative Soul Portrait, and
Connect to the creative wisdom of Hawai'i.

Hawai'i holds deep wisdom and medicine. Everyone who comes here feels the invitation to rest, to connect with the elements and listen deeply to themselves.
We'll be bringing the ALOHA spirit, connection to the lands of creation and destruction as well as learning of the energy of creation through the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian Creation Chant. We've never shared these teachings before.

Besides that...
Creativity Unleashed Hawaii will help you
(RE)AWAKEN YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT so you find your unique self expression and plug into your creative power

ALIGN WITH FLOW so ideas come more easily and you spot opportunities you wouldn't have seen otherwise

Find creative women who also don't fit in, who are unleashing themselves and find a place you BELONG

CONNECT TO SPIRIT and your intuition so you can stop worrying, let go and trust something bigger is holding you & connecting you to a sense of purpose

Develop FAITH and feel PEACE because you're learning how to regulate your nervous system to feel less stressed and more grounded

"Since the retreat, the creative ideas just keep bubbling up, almost faster than I can write them down."
- Maggie

What's Included...
Taking the best of our in person painting retreat, we're bringing the spirit of Hawai'i to your home.
Create a step-by-step painting of your Creative Soul at this time. No painting experience needed.
Learn how to connect to creative energy from the Kumulipo Hawaiian Creation Chant.
Move your energy daily through the ancient dance of hula and embody your creative spirit.
Get painting support with our certified Intentional Creativity® Teachers during the retreat and the week after.
A circle for support and inspiration. Creative Teachers will also be in the group to help.
Creativity Unleashed Hawai'i Retreat
What's included when you purchase today
(Total Value $497)

Weekend At Home Hawai'i Retreat
Creative Soul Portrait
Hawaiian Creative Teachings
Movement with Hula
Painting Support
Private Online community
Retreat Recordings to Watch Anytime
An Option to Earn Income

Unleash Your Creative Spirit
Doors close at midnight on 3/23
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"I had only painted once since childhood. My teacher told me around age 9 that I was terrible at art and I had a lot of shame and resistance around that. Thank you again!"

"My husband says I need to do this retreat every year!

Each time I have gone, something great has shifted.

I finally feel like I am emerging and living my true life.
I have the courage to say to anyone,

- Angie

What Happens Next?
1. Once you register, you’ll receive an email with a materials list and preparation details.

2. A week before the retreat starts, you'll be invited to our online community and get in the island vibes.

3. Get ready to connect with your Creative Spirit, the teachings of Hawai'i and have fun!
If you dive fully into the retreat, you WILL experience change. If you do the full retreat and you feel you aren't more connected to your creative spirit, simply ask for your money back. No questions asked.
Get your ticket for just $97
 And, if we haven't met yet... 
My name is Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici. I'm a Bestselling Author, Award Winning Artist and Founder of Woman Unleashed®.

Here I am at one of our live retreats...

I live in Kailua Kona, Hawai'i with my husband and two teenage sons.

I enjoy writing fiction, dancing, painting, photography, crocheting, ritual, really all things creative but it didn’t used to be that way.

I know what it's like to forget my creative spirit
When I was 8, I knew I wanted to be an artist and a writer, but like so many others, I was told it wasn't realistic so I set it aside for 20 years...

I reached traditional success, traveled the world, ran a 7 figure business.

On the outside everything looked great, but every once in a while, usually on vacation, I’d have this soul feeling there was something missing.

After the birth of my 2 boys, I lost myself doing everything I was supposed to do, keeping everyone else happy.
I was miserable.


That 8 year old girl who used to write and paint,
Who spoke to trees and communed with Spirit,
Who felt at home creating.
I made a choice... My Spirit

I chose to no longer sacrifice my time, energy or attention on what I was taught or told was important, but what I knew in my soul was important...
I started creating just for me, 
Then sharing my art at local galleries,
Then leading small workshops.

And those workshops grew
And grew.

I started teaching online,
Founded Woman Unleashed®,
Supported other women to awaken their creativity...
First 20 then 50, then 100...

And with a lot of help, over the past decade I’ve served over 100,000 women through our online and in person retreats to (re)awaken their creativity, live the creative life, and do their sacred creative work.

Everything started with me Unleashing my Creative Spirit.
Let's Unleash Yours
Register for just $97
 Answers to your Questions
What are the retreat times? How much time will this take?
Friday March 24th 4-6p ET, Saturday March 25th & Sunday the 26th from 12-6p ET.
Everything will be recorded if you're unable to attend live.

What are the materials?
We'll be painting acrylic on canvas, so acrylic paints, a variety of colors, paint brushes, canvas, journal and other materials for ritual and creativity. You can find these things at a craft store or can order them online. Once you register, you'll be provided a full materials list.

What if I don't have previous painting experience?
60% of the women we've had at previous retreats haven't been painters. We have art teachers to help if you get stuck or need a hand. The Intentional Creativity® painting process we use has been used with tens of thousands of people around the world including my boys when they were 5 & 7 and my 95 year old grandma.

Will it be recorded?

What if I'm an experienced artist?
Perfect. Try a new creative experience, to loosen up your technique and let your intuition guide you.

I'd love to, but... finances.

We understand finances can be tight right now. That's why we've reduced the ticket to $97 instead of $497. We also have put together an opportunity to partner with us. Bring 2 friends to the retreat and you'll earn enough income to come for free!

Still unsure?
Email us at and ask what you need to get clear.
Imagine ReAwakening This Part of Yourself...

More Retreat Love

"The retreat was life changing!

Before the retreat my life was full but empty. Since the retreat multiple people have told me they see a change in me. I look younger, I seem happy, I seem lighter. I feel it. I went from a lonely scared widow to a happy confident inspired woman unleashed!"

- Karolyn

Top Reasons to Come to The Retreat...
1. You realize creating is essential to your HAPPINESS. 

2. You know being in creative flow leads to more guidance & INTUITION

3. You believe creativity will help you have more FUN in (and out of) your work.

4. You want to use your creative gifts to make MONEY and IMPACT lives.

5. You've always wanted to visit HAWAI'I but haven't been able to hop on a plane.

6. You want to hang out with a group of creative, spiritual, wild, women like us.

And talking about creative, spiritual, wild women...
 Meet Your Retreat Guides
Amber Kuileimailani
Creative Ritual
Kumu Mālia Helela
Hawaiian Teachings & Hula
Elizabeth Foley
Painting Support


Finding your unique expression,
Plugging into your creative power,
Letting go and trusting Spirit,

Feeling a sense of purpose,
Spotting opportunities you didn't see before,
Feeling more peaceful, grounded and alive
Because you are allowing your creative energy to flow.

Spirit creates through you.



And everything else.

Let's open your creative flow. 

Yes! I can't wait!