The time for women is now.
To do your creative work.
To unleash your gifts into the world.
To share yourself, all of yourself with others.

There are women who are sitting on ideas that will change our world. 

What if you could take that idea, maybe one you’ve kept secret and always longed to manifest, and finally DO something about it? What if you had a guide to do it?

Welcome to Creativity Unleashed:
A Woman’s Guide to Unlock Flow and Finally Finish Creative Projects Every Day

Part book, part creative guidebook full of exercises to help you get in your flow. 
"This book made me cry, called me forth and lit a fire in me to CREATE more! Part anthem, part manifesto and part practical how to- this book will love you out of excuses and into making art that will change the world!"
—Sara Connell, Bestselling Author of Bringing In Finn

"If you're looking to unpack whatever's stopping you from crossing the finish line on your creative projects, look no further. Part mindfulness journal, part adult coloring book, and part confessional from an accomplished artist who's courageously slain her own creative demons, with humor, heart, and tough love, Amber guides us step-by-step through the enchanting journey of manifesting our wildest dreams."
—Bianca Alexander, Esq., Executive Producer & Host, Conscious Living on PBS

"Amber takes us on an inspiring and productive journey from "Where do I start?" to "Look what I did!" Whether you want to write your book, paint your masterpiece, or just feel ALIVE and FREE in your own skin, this book will serve as your trusted guide to an unparalleled creative nirvana."
—Deborah Hurwitz, Founder and CEO of Cobalt Coaching

"With her wonderful wit, wisdom and wild ways, Amber invites us to put ourselves in the seat of power, to unleash our potential and fly! This IS the way to enjoy and complete the projects you long to bring to life!!"
—Shiloh Sophia, Curator, MUSEA : Center for Intentional Creativity®

"In this gorgeous book, Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, the reigning goddess of sublime creative expression, will show you how to connect to the wonder, magic, and life-transforming energy that's already inside of you. Just show up with an open heart and let your renaissance begin."
Cynthia Occelli, Mentor, Mother, Bestselling Author of Resurrecting Venus

"Creativity Unleashed isn't just just a book you read, it's a book you do to finally get those big ideas out of your head and into the world."
—Elizabeth Foley, Artist, Radiant Art Studios 

"Anyone who desires to dig into their Pandora's Box of self-reflection through art will love this book."
—Debbe Rosas, Founder Nia Technique, Inc.
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